LTRP Wednesday, November 19, 2003 
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The LTRP has been established to provide a central point for issues relating to using Token Ring under Linux.

The linux-tr mailing list exists for the discussion of problems or concerns about token ring support in linux.
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There is a known problem with the mailing list at the moment. If you have a query you can contact me directly at

All input welcome, all hardware accepted :-)

Mike Phillips November 19, 2003

If you're really bored you can check out my diary

2002-06-12 - Olympic Update/Bug Fix
Update for Olympic to 1.0.5, this fixes the arb bug and a couple of other issues on PPC 64bit machines and some cardbus stuff
2002-05-14 - OLS
Once again it is getting close to time for the Ottawa Linux Symposium. I will be there this year, if others are going, let me know and we can arrange a get together.
2002-03-28 - Olympic cardbus/thinkpad Bug
Yes !! We have found the problem with the cardbus adapter and the thinkpads. The fix it to turn of PCI Power Management in the bios.

2002-03-22 - Olympic Update/Bug Fix
The last update for Olympic exposed a bug in the driver if network_monitor was turned on. See downloads for patch to fix this. Alternatively just do not turn on network_monitor :)
2002-02-18 - Driver Updates
Updates to ibmtr, olymmpic and the 3c359 driver. These are as submitted for inclusion in the kernel.
2002-01-23 - Token Ring Updates
Several updates to the token ring code from Jochen. Check out the downloads page for more details
2001-12-01 - Here's Johnny !!
After a brief haitus when I've been busy on other projects, I'm back with some time and effort to get a lot of the token ring issues resolved. Partly this has been prompted by the release of the 2.5.x kernels.

2001-11-30 - Olympic Update
Patch available for olympic for the next minor improvements. Basically, just improved serious error reporting and improved support for laa's and hot-swap.
2001-11-30 - 3c359 patch for the 2.4.16 kernels.
Updated patch for the 3c359 driver for the 2.4.16 kernels.
2001-10-22 - Madge Releases New Drivers
Madge have released new "Open Source" drivers for their adapters. The license is not GPL, but it's close. Redistribution of the code is allowed, so I've put the tarball of the source code up on this site. Check out the downloads page to get this, or visit
2001-09-14 - Token Ring Woes
Several issues have arisen with token ring at the moment, we are looking at them for a resolution.

2001-09-14 - Updated Source Routing Patch
New source routing patch for the 2.4.9-ac10 kernels. See the downloads page for the patch
2001-05-22 - New web site up
As you can all see the new web site is up and running. Please check it all out for errors and omissions on my part. Enjoy !!
olympic.c: v1.0.5
3c359.c: v0.8.0/1.2.0
ibmtr.c: v2.4.0
tms380tr.c: v1.08
ibmtr_cs.c: v2.4.2
Copyright © 2001 Mike Phillips
All rights reserverd.