LTRP Wednesday, November 19, 2003 
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The LTRP has been established to provide a central point for issues relating to using Token Ring under Linux.

The linux-tr mailing list exists for the discussion of problems or concerns about token ring support in linux.
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There is a known problem with the mailing list at the moment. If you have a query you can contact me directly at

All input welcome, all hardware accepted :-)

Mike Phillips November 19, 2003

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Supported Adapters
Lanstreamer PCI Auto LanStreamer Yes, lanstreamer driver - Included in 2.2.15/2.3.99 and available from ibm's developer web site for both the 2.2.x and 2.3.x kernels.
Triple LanStreamer
MCA LanStreamer MC16 Maybe - Try the LanStreamer driver and find out (with the patch from the downloads page :)
LanStreamer MC32 Yes - Lanstreamer driver patch required - see download page.
Auto LanStreamer MC32
Dual LanStreamer MC32
Olympic PCI Token Ring Adapter Yes, olympic driver included in kernels 2.2.11/2.3.10 and greater
For SMP systems get 2.2.15 or newer. For Full Duplex operation, get 2.2.15 or 2.3.99 or newer.
Wake on LAN TR Adapter
16/4 TR Adapter 2
16/4 TR Adapter 2 Wake on LAN
16/4 TR Adapter 2 WOL Special
100/16/4 High Speed Token Ring
16/4 TR Management Adapter olympic
Cardbus 16/4 TR Adapter Patch for the olympic driver available on the download page. This is only for the 2.4.0 kernels at present. Now included in the 2.4.2-ac7 patches.
Tropic MCA 16/4 TR Adapter/A Yes, ibmtr.o
Auto 16/4 TR Adapter
ISA Auto 16/4 TR Adapter
16/4 TR Adapter
Turbo 16/4 TR Adapter Yes - ibmtr.o, but use Lanaid to get the card to emulate an Auto 16/4 - /FAST=AUTO16.
Or try the new patch to enable Turbo/Isapnp support. (2.4 kernels only)
Auto Wake TR Adapter
PCMCIA Turbo 16/4 PC Card 2 Maybe, try ibmtr_cs.o
Turbo 16/4 PC Card Yes - ibmtr_cs.o (Remember to enable base TR support when building the kernel.)
Auto 16/4 Credit Card Adapter
16/4 Credit Card Adapter II
16/4 Credit Card Adapter
No Family ISA 16/4 Token Ring Adapter II No, card is old and very rare (2/3 length ISA card with jumpers)
MCA 16/4 TR Busmaster Server Adapter/A No, cards are old and very rare
EISA 16/4 TR Busmaster Adapter
RapidFire 3139, 3140, 3141, 3540
Yes - Proprietary driver - ( Kernel 2.2.x)
TMS380-based with Madge glue logic:
51-02 Smart 16/4 PCI Ringnode MK2
20-03 16/4 Cardbus Adapter Mk 2
51-04 Smart 16/4 PCI Ringnode Mk 3
51-09 Smart 16/4 Fiber PCI Ringnode
51-07 Smart 100/16/4 PCI-HS Ringnode
51-05 Smart 100/16/4 PCI Ringnode
20-01 Smart 16/4 PCMCIA
60-07 Presto PCI 2000
60-06 Presto PCI Plus
60-05 Presto PCI
Madge have released their new drivers for Linux.

These have been tested with 2.0.36 and 2.2.5.

The driver is available in two formats, binary only and source with hardware library.

The best way to locate the driver is to go to Madges site ( and search for Linux

Instructions on how to get this working with other 2.2.x kernels can be found on the Docs page.

Patch for the 2.4.x kernels is available on the Downloads page.

Madge have just released new 2.41 drivers for their adapters. Check out the Madge web site for more details, or download the source tar ball from the downloads page.

All other Madge cards Some of the other Madge cards are based on the tms380tr chipset and therefore may well work with the tms380tr driver in kernels 2.3.26 and laterr,. with the execption of the Blue cards which are compatible with the IBM tropic card, so try the ibmtr driver.
TR4/16(+) SK-4190 ISA
TR4/16(+) SK-4590 PCI
TR4/16(+) SK-4591 PCI
Yes - Kernel 2.2.x sktr.c - Kernel 2.3.x tms380tr.c
3C389 PCMCIA Yes / ibmtr_cs.c v2.2.7
3C619 Tokenlink 16/4
3C619B Tokenlink 16/4
3C619C Tokenlink 16/4
Yes / ibmtr.c Tropic driver
3C319 - Velocity ISA This card may be IBM compatible, so try ibmtr.
3C359 - Velocity XL - PCI Yes - 3c359.c v0.8.0/v0.9.0
3C339 - Velocity PCI Yes / Requires kernel 2.3.26, use tms380tr driver.
Tokencard Elite (8115T)
Tokencard Elite/A MCA (8115T/A)
Driver included in kernel 2.3.38 >.
TokenExpress PRO
TokenExpress 16/4
Maybe, these cards are tms380 chipset based, so try the tms380tr driver. 11/30/99 Update, Adam is working on getting these working see his web page for more details
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