LTRP Wednesday, November 19, 2003 
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The LTRP has been established to provide a central point for issues relating to using Token Ring under Linux.

The linux-tr mailing list exists for the discussion of problems or concerns about token ring support in linux.
To subscribe e-mail with the body of the message containing
subscribe linux-tr

There is a known problem with the mailing list at the moment. If you have a query you can contact me directly at

All input welcome, all hardware accepted :-)

Mike Phillips November 19, 2003

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Bugs, what do you mean bugs, of course there aren't any
olympic.c: v1.0.5
3c359.c: v0.8.0/1.2.0
ibmtr.c: v2.4.0
tms380tr.c: v1.08
ibmtr_cs.c: v2.4.2
Copyright © 2001 Mike Phillips
All rights reserverd.